Health & Disability Commissioner: Cervical procedure started without anaesthetic

The woman screamed as she felt the electrically surging wire “cut through her cervix”.

Cyber attack affects patient care at major London hospitals

Cyber attack affects patient care at major London hospitals - Trusts reported the incident has had a ‘major impact’ on the delivery of services, with blood transfusions particularly affected.

Thai hospital says 43 people from Singapore Airlines flight still under treatment

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Forty three people who were on board a Singapore Airlines flight that hit severe turbulence remain hospitalised in Bangkok four days after the emergency, a hospital in the Thai capital said on Saturday. The 43 patients are in three different hospitals in Bangkok, Samitivej Srinakarin hospital said in a statement. At Samitivej Srinakarin hospital, where 34 of the patients are,

Aussie Matt Burton claims emotional Cairns Ironman win

West Australian triathlete Matt Burton has won the Ironman Asia-Pacific championship in Cairns, with Kiwi Hannah Berry taking out the women's title.

Free contraception helps Finland reduce teenage abortions by 66%

By Anne Kauranen HELSINKI (Reuters) - The number of teenage abortions in Finland fell by 66% between 2000 and 2023, its public health institute THL said on Monday, attributing the reduction to the offer of free contraception to adolescents and compulsory sex education in schools. Finland also passed a law in 2022 liberalising abortion, at a time of deep divisions over abortion rights in Europe

This Mother's Day, I'm celebrating the fact that I can bake with my kid again. Not long ago, that wasn't the case.

I had undiagnosed multiple sclerosis and couldn't bake with my son. With treatment, I've gotten relief, and this Mother's Day, we're baking together.

Northland woman dies after ovarian cancer goes undiagnosed by doctors for five years

The Northland woman had multiple referrals over symptoms, but only learnt she had cancer months before her death.

South Africa reports second mpox death this week

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) -A second person has died in South Africa this week from the viral infection mpox, the health ministry said on Thursday, less than 24 hours after it announced the first death. The second person who died was a 38-year-old man. He was admitted to a hospital in the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) province with extensive lesions, headache, fatigue, oral ulcers, muscle pain and a sore

‘Crisis in dental care’: Bernie Sanders on his fight for better teeth for Americans

A bill introduced by the US senator Bernie Sanders would dramatically expand access to oral healthcare by adding dental benefits to Medicare and enhance them in Medicaid, public health insurance programs that together cover 115 million older and lower-income Americans. Despite Americans’ reputation for the flashy “Hollywood smile”, millions struggle to access basic dental care. One in five US seniors have lost all their natural teeth, almost...

Hawaii study shows almost 75% of Maui wildfire survey participants have respiratory issues

Hawaii study shows almost 75% of Maui wildfire survey participants have respiratory issues - A University of Hawaii study examining the health effects of last year’s deadly wildfires on Maui has found that up to 74% participants may have difficulty breathing and otherwise have poor respiratory health

NSW police urged to improve mental health training after string of deaths involving vulnerable people

New South Wales police have been urged to improve mandatory mental health training for officers and “explore” becoming the second responders to these types of emergencies after a string of fatalities involving vulnerable people. A parliamentary inquiry into mental health care across NSW made the recommendations after finding police involvement in mental health crises could cause further distress and had been harmful in a “significant number of...

‘Infected blood victim compensation fulfils vow I made 10 years ago’ – Hunt

‘Infected blood victim compensation fulfils vow I made 10 years ago’ – Hunt - The Chancellor said he had promised to ‘sort’ a fair and full settlement during a meeting with campaigner Mike Dorricott in 2014.

Six reasons walking is still the ultimate exercise

Walking ticks so many boxes, improving our brain, mental and musculoskeletal fitness as well as physical fitness. Whether you’re a new parent, going through the menopause, working endless hours or in retirement, walking is something we can do throughout our lives, whatever stage we’re at. And there are few other exercises that nourish our bodies qu...

States and territories receive hospital funding negotiation pause to 'catch up' on NDIS reform

State and territory hospital funding negotiations are on pause according to the federal health minister in an effort to focus on the overhaul of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), despite public hospitals being under pressure.

Worst fears for Slovak PM's health are over, says deputy prime minister

BANSKA BYSTRICA, Slovakia (Reuters) - The worst fears regarding Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico's health have passed for the time being, Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinak said on Sunday, although he said that he would not be transferred away from Banska Bystrica hospital for now. (Reporting by Jan Lopatka, Ayhan Uyanik, Christine Uyanik)

Slovak PM Fico stable but in serious condition

BANSKA BYSTRICA, Slovakia (Reuters) - The condition of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has stabilised but remains serious, the country's health minister said on Saturday, following Wednesday's assassination attempt against the central European leader. Slovakia's deputy prime minister also said the transfer of Fico to the capital Bratislava from the small-town hospital near the area where he was

Skin cancer cases set to top 20,000 in record high

Skin cancer cases are set to surpass 20,000 for the first time this year, according to analysis by Cancer Research UK. The charity predicts 2024 will see a record 20,800 people diagnosed with melanoma, despite 90 per cent of cases being completely preventable. The increase in skin cancer rates has occurred across all ages but has largely been drive...

Uganda tackles yellow fever with new travel requirement, vaccination campaign for millions

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — Uganda has rolled out a nationwide yellow fever vaccination campaign to help safeguard its population against the mosquito-borne disease that has long posed a threat. By the end of April, Ugandan authorities had vaccinated 12.2 million of the 14 million people targeted, said Dr. Michael Baganizi, an official in charge of immunization at the health ministry. Uganda will now require everyone traveling to and from the country...

At Westminster dog show, a display of dogs and devotion

NEW YORK — Less than three years ago, Mary Ann and David Giordano were taking turns lying on the living room floor with their Afghan hound Frankie, hand-feeding the desperately ill dog anything she would eat. She had developed severe kidney problems after contracting Lyme disease, despite being on medication meant to repel ticks that carry the bacteria that cause it. Veterinarians weren't sure she would survive. Yet on Monday, Frankie was at the...

Kenya's president overrules popular stimulant ban

The ban on the drug muguka by coastal governors sparked anger among farmers over financial losses.

US, European nations consider vaccinating workers exposed to bird flu

By Julie Steenhuysen and Jennifer Rigby CHICAGO/LONDON (Reuters) - The United States and Europe are taking steps to acquire or manufacture H5N1 bird flu vaccines that could be used to protect at-risk poultry and dairy workers, veterinarians and lab technicians, government officials said, moves influenza experts say could curb the threat of a pandemic. U.S officials last week said they were

Singapore Airlines offers compensation to passengers on severely turbulent flight

(Reuters) -Singapore Airlines has sent offers of compensation to passengers on board a flight last month that encountered severe turbulence that led to dozens of injuries and one death, the carrier said on Tuesday. Passengers with minor injuries have been offered $10,000 and those with serious injuries can discuss an offer to meet their specific needs, the airline said. "Passengers medically

Anger Does a Lot More Damage to Your Body Than You Realize

We all get mad now and then. But too much anger can cause problems.

High-risk health workers can get routine Ebola vaccine, says Gavi

By Jennifer Rigby LONDON (Reuters) - A global stockpile of Ebola vaccines can be used to protect frontline health workers in high-risk countries routinely, rather than just as an emergency measure during outbreaks, international vaccine group Gavi said on Thursday. A stockpile of half-a-million Ebola vaccine doses was established by Gavi and other global health partners in 2019 for use in

Starmer vows to curb migration as Sunak makes community care offer

Starmer vows to curb migration as Sunak makes community care offer - The Labour leader proposes a ban on law-breaking employers from hiring foreign workers.

Haiti health system on verge of collapse, UN says

Unicef says six out of 10 hospitals in Haiti are barely operational, putting millions of children at risk.

Cost of junior doctors covering workplace shortages doubles in a year

Big roster gaps have forced Health NZ to virtually double the rate it paid per shift.